Invisalign First


Invisalign First

Invisalign is a great alternative to braces or retainers! Invisalign First is a great fit for growing children looking to perfect their smile in a way that is barely noticeable. Invisalign has fixed everything from overbites, underbites, gaps, or crowding. Doctors recommend Invisalign First to patients who have developed permanent teeth, so this is not the right fit for children who still have their baby teeth. 

If you're not a child that's growing, we have alternatives availble for adults and teens like Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen, and Invisalign Express. 

Before starting your child on Invisalign First treatment, our staff will make sure that they're a proper candidate for treatment. If their consulatation shows they're a good fit for treatment, our team can begin taking photos, x-rays, and impressions the same day.

From there, these will go to an Invisalign lab to have aligners made to fit your child's smile. You can expect these to be ready a few weeks later. We'll then schedule a follow-up appointment for your child to come and see us to make sure the aligners fit properly. Further into treatment, you can expect your child's teeth to begin shifting as they fall into place. New retainers will need to be made for the phases of treatment that follows. 

Every child's smile is different, so some require a set of aligners while others just need one for their top or bottom teeth. Some kids also may need attachements to be placed on the surface of each tooth. These will help progress treatment by applying direct pressure (as braces do) from the retainer to each tooth.

Would you like to see if Invisalign First is the right fit for your child, give us a call to schedule their appointment! Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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